torsdag 17. mars 2016

Summary of possible Illuminati plan for 2016 and beyond

This is my summary of the texts found here:

The following contains SPOILERS:

The satanic elite wants to make Biblical end time prophecies a reality, and set up Obama to -- unwittingly or not -- serve as the Antichrist (the first/fake one). He will start WW3 in September 2016, but "aliens" will shoot down the nuclear missiles before they do damage. The "aliens" are really black budget genetically modified humans flying anti gravity craft. (Remember how 2.3 trillion dollars went missing from Pentagon budgets, as announced by Rumsfeld the day before 9/11? Well, they aren't the only trillions missing.) Holograms (Blue Beam) and other special effects will be used to make the show more impressive. People will start feeling "good vibrations" when antennas broadcasting "negative frequencies" are turned off, thus making people receptive to their new "alien" overlords, the angelic "Nordic Blondes". (Nazi eugenics, continuation of Paperclip.)

This will mark the start of a seven year kingdom ruled by "Christ". After seven years, it's revealed "Christ" is actually the "real" Antichrist, and that is when the thousand year kingdom starts, and the real NWO is implemented. This will happen in 2023, the 22nd year in the third millennium, another reference to the number 322, found in the Skull & Bones logo as well as in the date March 22nd, a popular date among the satanic elite.

It's important to note that the satanic elite aren't Christians. It's also important to understand that the Bible was written by men, and it's being treated as a script by the elite. The end time prophecies are self-fulfilling. They're being fulfilled by men eager to control the world.

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