torsdag 31. mars 2016

The months ahead -- a summary

The reason the elite is attacking Europe (and blaming muslims for the attacks), is because said elite wants to invade Syria and other countries -- to cement the power and wealth of the banksters and the military industrialists running this world.
The point is to make Europeans (and other Westerners) so angry at the muslims -- that the common folks here in Europe demand a ground invasion of Syria, Iran and other countries on the hit list of the military industrialist bankster complex.
The next possible date for an Illuminati attack in Europe, is April 4. But I think they'll wait until the 11th. And then hit again on May 5.
They're planning to use dirty bombs against the West. So look out for a depleted uranium attack on a master number date. They're gonna spread radioactive fallout in the middle of big cities, thus making the common man demand a ground invasion of the "rogue nation(s) harboring the terrorists".
Trump is being used as a wedge to increase the gap and hostilities between the politically correct multiculturalists -- and the angry working class commoners. The point of his candidacy is to instigate an "American Spring", a civil war in America. The Illuminati might fake a Trump assassination, or they might assassinate him for real (or someone else might kill him anyway (a lot of people truly hate him)). Either way, there will be a massive civil war in America this September/October, coinciding with WW3 in the Middle East, a truly immense migrant invasion of Europe -- and the biggest financial crisis in the history of mankind.
Western banks will ban cash while simultaneously implementing a negative ten percent interest rate on deposits. Global trade will grind to a halt and supply lines will dry up. People will start hoarding food and household items. Civil war will break out in Europe as the welfare states collapse -- one after the other.
And that is when Obama will launch the ICBM's (aimed at Russia). The mainstream media will show spectacular moving images (CGI) of the missiles rising to the sky. Then giant holographic "mother ships" will appear and unleash swarms of black ops electrogravitic craft being piloted by "Nordic Blonde" GMO humans selectively bred in secret underground NWO facilities. These "angels" will shoot down the ICBM's and be presented to the world as extraterrestrials by the lying mainstream media propaganda apparatus. And they'll impose their New World Order on the world, to great fanfare from the sheeple, the "skeptics" and the paid shills in the West.

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