torsdag 17. mars 2016

What's happening on March 22?

As some of you may know, March 22. holds a special significance for Skull & Bones and certain other parts of the globalist elite. They unveiled the Georgia Guidestones on that date, they signed the Obamacare Act -- and on 3/22 2013, Obama attended a ceremony in the church in Israel said to be built on the spot where Jesus was born. Just to name a few of the events.
The date is even in the Skull & Bones logo, in the form of the number 322. (A Biblical reference too, as well as a reference to the 22nd year in the third millennium, aka 2023, when they plan to implement their NWO "thousand year kingdom".)
So, does anyone have any theories as to what the Illuminati will do on the 22nd of March this year? Will it be the date of the planned ISIS attack on Big Ben in London, where the tower is supposed to be blown up? Will it be an earthquake, a meteorite strike or another natural disaster? (They do have interdimensional tech. It's a breakaway civilization we're talking about here.) Or will it be something less nefarious, like Obama or Putin attending some ceremony in a house of worship?
As some of you know, the Illuminati publishes their plans in advance, using the MSM. They did this with 9/11, where hints were given in The Simpsons and The Matrix and lots of other shows and movies -- as well as the explicit plot being given away on an episode of The Lone Gunmen from March 4th 2001.
In general, masonic "master numbers" like 11 and 22 are prevalent in "terrorist attacks" perpetrated by the Illuminati. Not just in the dates of execution, but in things like the number of casualties and other details.
Here's some inspirational reading slightly related to some of this:

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